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The expectation from a CBT is that it takes a day. This can be quite challenging for someone who has limited or no road or riding experience. It can also be mentally and physically tiring. 

We have therefore added an alternative, which is based on the equivalent of 2 days - and which could be done over between 2 and 4 separate sessions. We find people manage better with part-day training as it is easier to concentrate.So, for example, if we did a full day on day one, we may then do 2 separate sessions to re-inforce earlier learning and/or to take longer on each of the elements of the CBT. 

We are charging £200 for this course.

Please feel free to ring or email with queries. 

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Coronavirus - Covid 19 Update  - Back to Normal

Motorcycle training and testing is about as back to normal as anything is normal these days. 


Theory Tests availability at the moment is also good - with the nearest centre to us now at Pride Park, Derby. If you want to book your own Theory test please follow this link: 



We always advise you try to get it the Theory test done as soon as you can - so its out of the way. You are be able to commence practical training before doing your theory but you cannot do any tests until the theory is passed.  


Regular updates about us and our services:

MOT testing now available

To book an MOT - please call us for an appointment.  


Motorbike servicing courses

We now offer Motorbike servicing and maintenance courses. Please pop in or telephone to discuss your requirements.  


Two-Wheel Training Team re-united

Some of you may remember Two-Wheel Training, which was based at Hilton, Derbyshire. We are delighted that Jon and myself (William) - who worked at Two-Wheel Training - are now working together again. If you remember us from Two-Wheel Training and/or were taught at Two-Wheel Training, please pop in to see us and say hello.  

Burton Upon Trent motorbike training school

We are pleased to report that our Motorbike Training school in Burton upon Trent - within 2 miles of Burton Test Centre - has had a very successful start with a tremendous success rate at Mod 1 and Mod 2 Motorcycle tests over the last three years.


We have a purpose built Training Room and a large indoor area where students can relax over coffee and lunch time and where we teach bike maintenance. If it's raining we can also use this area to go through all the machine controls and familiarisation etc before going out onto the dedicated outdoor training area.     

About our moped and motorcycle training fleet

Our fleet of motorbikes includes twist and go mopeds plus a geared moped. The geared moped is quite small, so it is a great bike to use to learn gear changing and for those who do not have long inside leg measurements. Remember - if you are 16 and do a CBT on a twist-and-go moped, at 17 you may decide to get a 125 that will have gears. Why not therefore come to a school that allows you a chance to ride a geared moped at 16, so you are ready for gears at a later date.


We also have a number of new 125's which we use for CBTs and road-training, before progressing onto the larger machines, from Kawasaki and Yamaha.



Call us

+44 1283 240250


CBT from £ 110

DAS from £735


NEW - ENHANCED CBT course. Up to 2 days.  See News


Post-covid normality.

- Testing has pretty much returned to normal - post-Coved. Training is also now pretty normal - except for the price of Fuel! This includes CBTs, Direct Access, Refresher and Advanced tuition. 



Motorcycle MOT Testing - call to book an appointment..


Bespoke Motorbike Servicing and Maintenance courses. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Pass rates significantly above national average.


Both full-time Instructors have passed RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction.


For CBTs we have a number of Twist and Go scooters, a geared moped and 125s. 


For A2 and Direct Access we have recent Yamaha MT07s and 300cc machines - which are a great stepping stone from a 125.


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